Asia  | 01/11/2015

Barkhor Old Quarter in LHASA

For centuries, Lhasa was forbidden to Western travelers, and yet today, people struggle to maintain their identity in the great transformation that is suffering, due to the arrival of large Chinese investors.

Fortunately, the old quarter of Barkhor, located in the heart of the city, is still a Tibetan island in the middle of a Chinese ocean. The place where you can still feel the magic and atmosphere of what, in its day, was Lhasa, the Forbidden City and impregnable, once a pipe dream for Westerners.

At the teahouses doors, people throng to see the latest Indian film production, while Kampas nomads rush to finish their pool game before returning to the ice fields of the Tibetan plateau. In the workshops, children of different ages recorded in the stones Om Mani Padme Hum (praise to the lotus jewel).

Walking through its streets, we mingle with vendors and artisans, nomadic warriors and legend characters, pilgrims from all over the country doing their most important way, a circular route around the Jokhang, the most revered shrine of Tibet. Moreover, in the background, overlooking the city, the fabulous Potala, the greatest example of Tibetan art and architecture.



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