Oceania  | 07/04/2015

ROTORUA, Maori Land

Rotorua is located on lakeshores, in a unique environment of geothermal activity, with numerous geysers, boiling mud pools and steaming craters that extend sulphur smell. Anyone would think when arriving to Rotorua for the first time, which is at the gates of hell, but the reality is a fascinating city, a paradise surrounded by lakes, volcanoes and natural parks that Maori have carefully looked for centuries.

The Maori arrived to this land in their canoes, only less than eight hundred years ago. They ranged in these lands in family clans, and even today, every Maori belongs to a social group that bears the name of the canoe with which their ancestors first arrived on the island. Here is where you have the opportunity to experience traditional folklore and the highlight of their culture, in a traditional village, beautifully constructed for this purpose. It is an essential approach, to meet an admirable people that spread across the Pacific in rickety boats.



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